Mountain Road Preschool  


Licensed Vermont Educator         5 STAR Early Education Program

Vermont Prequalified Prekindergarten Education Program

Cookie Danyow: Teacher/ Director

* 5 STAR Vermont Prekindergarten Education Program

* First Nature Explore Certified Outdoor Classroom

   in Vermont since May 2013


                       * Vermont Early Educator of the Year Award  2017

                       * Terri Lynne Lokoff National Child Care Teacher Award 2018

     Welcome to my early education program.The philosophy of my program is to provide a safe, nurturing, healthy environment. As an Early Childhood Educator, I believe children learn best through play, social interactions, and hands-on exploration. By providing a play-based hands-on emergent curriculum, children can explore freely and expand their knowledge at their own pace and level. Through “play” children receive a balance of developmentally age appropriate activities and experiences in the areas of physical growth and development, fine/gross motor exploration, language skills, social skills, and self help skills.

    Outdoor play is vital to a child's development. Outdoor play fosters opportunities for creativity, imagination, social connections, and learned behaviors. My certified outdoor classroom offers a wide range of open-ended nature-based play and learning space involving sensory stimulation and physical diversity which is critical for childhood experiences outdoors.


My program is based on an "Emergent Curriculum", which is a way of planning a curriculum based on the child’s interest and passions as well as the teacher’s.


Early education program serving ages 2 months to 5 years old.

Full-time, part-time schedules are available.


Please contact me directly at my email address: [email protected]  if you would like a tour of the space and more in depth information about the Parent Handbook, policies and fee's.